Baton Rouge Housekeeping Company Offers Spring Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

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( — May 11, 2013) Baton Rouge, LA — When spring arrives each year, one of the last things most busy parents want to do is spend their free time inside cleaning their home.

If spending less time cleaning your home sounds like a good idea, here are some helpful ideas from the housekeeping professionals.

“It always starts with having the right products and a well-thought out plan,” said Ellen Folks, owner of Guarantee Girls, a Baton Rouge housekeeping company.

“Make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you need and they are easily accessible. People waste so much time scrambling at the last minute because they do not have the cleaning products they need, and they don’t have a plan for what rooms they want to address, in what order.  All you need to do, to get started, is to simply find the room that bothers you the most and begin there.”

Mrs. Folks also recommends having a written spring cleaning checklist, which are available for free on the Internet and outlines all of the major chores and items to focus on when cleaning your house this spring.

“A checklist is a great tool to use,” noted Mrs. Folks. “You’ll get a lot of satisfaction from cleaning a room then checking it off your list before moving on to the next room.”

Once you have the checklist in hand, a cleaning caddy organized and a plan mapped out, here are some additional spring cleaning tips to help you get the best results:

  • Windows: Launder drapes and curtains. Clean shutters and blinds. Remove cobwebs from the top of windows. Make sure to lift windows and clean the tracking. The best way to do that is use a grout brush to quickly loosen dirt, then finish with a microfiber cloth. Wipe down windowsills, too. Since you’re already working on the windows, be sure to wash them inside and outside. There’s no need to overload on cleaning products; a light spritz will do. If the windows have screens, place them outside on a flat surface and scrub with a brush and soapy water.
  • Walls: Vacuum to quickly remove any cobwebs. To wash walls, test an inconspicuous area to be sure the cleaner (a neutral cleaner such as a floor product) will not remove paint from the wall. Use a microfiber flat mop to wash the walls. Place the microfiber pad in a solution of water and cleaner. Be sure to wring out the microfiber cloth pad until it’s only damp. Always start washing at the bottom of the wall and move upward as this will cause fewer water streaks on the wall.
  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures: If it’s within reach of a ladder, remove the dust from the tops and sides of ceiling fan blades, as well as the encasing around the motor. Using a damp microfiber cloth will complete the blade-cleaning job.
  • Beds: Remove and launder comforters/bedspreads/duvets. Remove sheets and wash the mattress cover. Vacuum and, if possible, steam the mattress. Rotate or flip the mattress. Dust the wall and baseboards behind the headboard, where dust collects. If items are stored underneath the bed, pull out the items and vacuum thoroughly underneath the bed.
  • Vents and Cobwebs: Either a three-step ladder or an extension wand will be needed to remove cobwebs and dust from vents. Using a vacuum with extension wands and a brush attachment will achieve the same results.

With a solid house cleaning plan in place, like the one described in this article, you’ll be able to maximize the time that you have available to do your spring cleaning.


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