Denton Pest Control on the Rise According to Pest Control Denton Specialist

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( — May 12, 2013) Denton, TX — Denton Pest Control measures and treatments are on the rise this year, due to already high numbers of bugs and pests, according to Pest Control Denton specialist Kevin Mogus of Wise Chem Safe Pest Control Company. “We are simply seeing more bugs and other pests around homes and businesses, such as ground bugs, flying insects, rodents, snakes and scorpions, mainly due to continued drought conditions and a mild winter,” stated Mogus.

Mogus explained that the lack of standing water and lower levels in lakes and bodies of water, force pests to seek alternative water sources, which are often found in and around homes and businesses. Also, some bugs and pests feed on others, adding to the number of pests that seem to be invading Denton County. “We are already seeing an extremely high number of pests in and around homes and businesses, and we expect a very high population of mosquitoes this year. West Nile Virus has already been found in Denton County,” Mogus stated.

Mogus explained that when you see certain bugs, such as the Armadillidiidae, or what we commonly refer to as roly polies or pill bugs, other pests are soon to follow. Spiders for example, love to eat roly polies and in turn, scorpions love to eat spiders. If you have a rodent problem, you may soon find you have a snake problem, as rodents are a food source.

Mogus added, “This explains why some years people experience a greater influx of bugs in Denton County. Besides a water source, pests are also seeking food sources and in turn, your home or business becomes the source for both.” He further explained that the mild winter produces a greater number of pests and drought simply reduces water sources. All of those pests go in search of water. As we water our lawns and gardens or wash our cars, we create a water supply for pests.

“When we receive a higher levels of rain, we often have the same number of bugs and pests. The difference is that they simply don’t need to seek hard to find water sources, so we just don’t see as many pests,” Mogus explained.

So what can you do to reduce the number of pests in and around your home or business? Denton pest control companies, such as Wise Chem Safe Denton Pest Control, can help control pests, including bugs, rodents, ants, termites and more. Early treatments can help reduce levels. Mogus recommends having your home or business treated on a regular basis, to help reduce or eliminate bugs and pests.

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