Natalie Jill Reveals Juicing Secrets in her “Stay Lean Smoothie and Juices” Book

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( — May 12, 2013) San Diego, CA. — In Natalie Jill’s new book “Stay Lean Smoothie and Juices,” she promotes drinking whole food smoothies and juices. “These recipes are good for people that are seeking high amounts of energy, along with people that want lean bodies,” Natalie Jill the 40 year old single, extremely fit mom with celiac disease explains.

There are 45 fast and simple to make whole food smoothie recipes included in Natalie Jill’s book “Stay Lean Smoothie and Juices.”  The book has in depth recipes and valuable nutritional breakdowns, as well as special nutrition tips and facts from Natalie Jill herself.

Also included in the book are 24 quick to prepare, whole vegetable and fruit juices. “Juicing is the number one thing I suggest adding to anyone’s health regimen  The reason juicing is so healthy, is because when vegetables and fruits are juiced, the juice is easier to absorb providing nutrients that are needed for health and a great body,” Natalie Jill explains. She says that this is why “juicing” is a great way to stay healthy.

Natalie starts off juicing by using watery based vegetables like celery, and then proceeds to add the remaining vegetables that are being used in the juice. She then adds watery based fruits like apples, then adds the remaining fruits to finish off the juice. “I am famous for adding greens into many of my juice recipes, because it is an easy way to get your daily amount of green vegetables with the taste of the fruit.

“I am hooked on so many different juice recipes, but one of my favorites is the PB&J recipe. Blueberries contain antioxidants  that help to neutralize free radicals, which might otherwise damage skin cells, leaving your skin with a softer, younger feel and look,” says Nicole Howard, a skin specialist who uses recipes from Natalie Jill’s book.

More recipes, nutritional facts and tips, as well as Natalie Jill’s book “Stay Lean Smoothie and Juices” can be found online at The book is available as a digital download to get started quickly, so don’t delay, start your healthy lifestyle today.