warns consumer about Loans Scams.

Photo of author a company that is known for it’s integrity and trustworthyness when it comes to busines loan, personal loan, and payday loan continues to come up with informative articles for loan scams for consumers through their official website. The company’s latest post provides guidelines to credit challenged borrowers about staying safe against corrupt moneylenders. 

The reason for these articles is because many consumers are taken up by these dishonest moneylenders and they are casting a bad light on the entire industry. According to the article published recently by, many consumers often choose the undesirable moneylender out of desperation. These information provides red flags that  can tip a consumer off to scam artists’ tricks. 

Advertisements for the fake loans appear in smaller-market and community newspapers and offer mortgage, small business, debt consolidation or other loans. The scam uses the credibility of the financial institution’s logo to induce consumers to apply. To respond to the advertisement, victims call a “third-party consultant” who solicits application information including social security numbers. During this telephone call, the “loan” is always approved. Phony Counseling or Foreclosure Rescue Scams where the scam artist poses as a counselor and tells you he can negotiate a deal with your lender to modify your loan or save your house—if you pay him a fee first. The fee may be called a processing fee or administrative fee. He may even tell you not to contact your lender, lawyer or housing counselor—that he’ll handle all details. He may even insist that you make all mortgage payments directly to him while he negotiates with the lender. Once you pay the fee, or a few mortgage payments, the scammer disappears with your money. Bait-and-Switch where the scam artist convinces you to sign documents for a “new loan modification” that will make your existing mortgage current. This is a trick. You actually just signed documents that surrender the title or deed of your house to the scam artist in exchange for a “rescue” loan. also offers solutions to a common man’s financial issues through their official site. “The articles in this site are extremely useful to gain an upper hand over your financial concerns and provide tips in choosing the best money lender”, say Tanly, a regular follower of the site. 

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