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( — May 14, 2013) Minneapolis, MN — While many companies claim to pay people to lose weight, one would be hard pressed to find a company that will do just that. EPX has changed the ways of doing business to help the average person succeed.

Their Challenge involves taking at least one of their whole food supplements for a period of 90 days.
At the beginning of the Challenge, a person submits their “before” picture showing their actual weight and at the end of the 90 days the company will pay up to $500 to those who submit the “after” picture, again documenting their current weight.

Chrissy Christianson topped out at 300 pounds. She said this was the “kick in the pants and exactly what I needed. It sets your mind right on how to lose weight. I was so motivated by the people…which was a huge support system unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.” In 18 months Wendy lost 85 pounds and says this system is “why she is still here”.

Hillary, a personal trainer with the company, said that she grew up in a home where everyone was obese. “It really has nothing to do with the way your body looks, it’s what you gain in your physical goals, mentally and spiritually. You grow in every possible way you can. It’s just an amazing process and I love hearing each and every success story.”

Start with a reasonable diet, add on high quality whole food supplements and people are thrilled with the results. The company also provides diet suggestions, social media interaction and weekly calls and emails to help people stay motivated.

Thousands of people from around the world are flooding the company with testimonials after taking their weight loss products and vitamins.

“I’ve lost 86 pounds and I’m not done yet.” Joyce C.

“I have lost over 70 pounds and now have my life back. I am now training to run a 5k marathon.” Danene

“I have tried every diet pill and exercise program there is. The weight just fell off faster than anything I had ever tried before,” said Tracie after losing 51 pounds.

“I’ve lost 95 pounds and feel so amazing! My self-confidence has improved so much it is amazing! I’m proof that it works.” Anna K.

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