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(NEWSWIRE.NET–May 15, 2013) Ottawa, On — For the majority of people in the Ottawa valley a car is essential. When it comes time to shop for a new car more and more people are choosing to buy a slightly used car.

Buying a slightly used car can often get you much more car with many more features for less money. The average price of a used car could fall $200-$300 per vehicle this year which is great news.

Richard Arca of projects that there will be as many as 500,000 more car buyers coming off leases this year than the year before and this should help lower the cost of purchasing a used vehicle.

According to Kelley Blue Books, in only 3 years a new car could depreciate as much as 73% of it’s value. While a used vehicle has the benefit of much lower depreciation.

In the past, buyers had to worry about buying a car without knowing it’s history but with the introduction of certified pre-owned vehicle programs and service like this is no longer a concern.

Before going to your local Ottawa used car dealer you should calculate how much you can afford to spend and find out what your bank’s current finance rates are so you can compare with the dealer’s rates.  In many cases the bank will be lower but sometimes the dealer will have special promotions with lower rates.

Now that you know what you can afford, you can visit a Ottawa Pre-Owned Automobile Dealer and find a car in your price range. Your dealer should have a good selection of cars that have just come off two and three year leases. These used cars are usually in great condition and some of them may still have time left on their warranties.

The next step is try out some cars and go for it for a test drive. I would suggest at least 15 minutes.

Then finally find out what the dealer will offer you on your car as a trade in and negotiate a price.

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