Fun Kid's Books Now Being Published By iZGOOL Media

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( — May16, 2013) Seattle WA — iZGOOL (Pronounced i-zee-gool) Media of Seattle announced today that it has begun publishing books under its own label, and will initially be publishing children’s books and recipe books. 

The books will be published in paperback as well as digital editions.  With the first two books already published in paperback, the first digital editions will be published on Amazon’s Kindle platform in May, 2013.

“We are excited to be entering into this opportunity,” said Bob Freer, Editor-In-Chief at iZGOOL Media.  “We believe there will continue to be a strong demand for high quality, fun children’s books.  Toddlers and young kids love being read to, and with digital media being easily available at low cost, parents can now own many more books to keep their kids entertained.  Our recipe books will be unique.  They will focus on Persian cooking, a style that currently has only a limited number of recipes published.  Our first cookbook will be titled The Hidden Recipes of Persia.  In a way, the name says it all.  These recipes are not well known outside Persian communities, yet they are tasty and fulfilling dishes.”

The first books published in paperback are children’s picture books, Scruffy and the Blue Hazelnut Tree and Scruffy and the Walnuts, written by Jacklin Yalmeh.  The stories are aimed at younger children and include colorful original artwork about a squirrel named Scruffy and his friend Owl.

These are the first in a series of Scruffy’s Adventures.  Future titles include Scruffy Helps a Bird, Scruffy and the Giraffe and Scruffy Finds a Friend.  There will also be a young children’s alphabet book called Scruffy and the Alphabet.

The first recipe book to be published will be titled The Hidden Recipes of Persia, and will be a mixture of traditional Persian recipes and modern recipes of Persian food.  This will be a fixed format book with full page color photographs, and will also be released in May, 2013.

Once the initial books have been published, the company has plans to expand into business and how-to books, starting with a book about Google’s social media platform, Google Plus.

“We plan on a fairly aggressive schedule of publishing, with new books to be released every few weeks for the next several months,” said Freer.


iZGOOL Media started as a collaboration of three individuals, an artist, a writer and a businessman sharing their love of arts and media.  It has now grown into a publishing business with ten books to be published in its first year of operation.


For more information, contact iZGOOL Media at 866-532-4665.  Email:  Website: Address: 100 Andover Park West, Suite 150-237, Tukwila WA 98188.