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( — May 15, 2013) Phoenix, AZ — A new website devoted to helping Arizona residents find details about colleges, schools and other education options is now open to the public.

The website manager, Victoria Burns, explains, “This new website is really set up so that anyone interested in enrolling at an Arizona school can take a look at some of the opportunities in whatever college major or career field they are interested in.”

One of the main features of this website is a form that allows visitors to search for schools by area of interest, degree option or location. 

“The search feature is definitely our site’s most used option,” Burns continued, “And it’s easy to see why, it can be kind of fun to see the different schools and what kind of degrees and courses they are offering.”

Burns noted that one of the biggest changes in education during the past decade has been the rise in classes delivered online, “Yes, the increase in single online classes and even complete degree programs has really changed the education environment,” said Burns. “And it’s not just the dedicated online schools, the vast majority of colleges have opted to offer significant portions of their curriculum via online courses.” allows site visitors to quickly browse schools and the various courses and degrees they offer.

Burns believes that the amount of schools and training available can be almost overwhelming to young students. “Students today have so many options,” Burns concluded, “They really have to take a lot of time to explore all of their options and try to figure out which avenue is their best path.”

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