Forex Trading – How to Use Daily Ranges Each Trading Day

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( via – May 14, 2013) San Francisco, CA — Harris, the co-owner of Professional Forex Investments, has spent thousands of hours of live trading in the market. He considers online forex trading to be one of the best work-from-home professions. However, Harris adds: “Learning this profession takes time and dedication, and no matter how you approach learning online forex trading, there are a few key elements every trader must know to be successful.”

Perhaps the most critical of these elements is the understanding of the Average Daily Range. This is an important concept because it helps depict trend direction, according to Harris. “If you are well into the 24-hour trading period and most of the range for that day has been put in, then a trader should be looking for counter trend trades,” he explains. “All of this ties into sessions, time of day, the Tokyo Channel and the understanding of general market movement for each hour of the day.”

The Average Daily Range is a simple, but powerful tool because it can help traders establish more accurate rules for their approach to online forex trading. It also can give traders a better sense of the currency and market conditions they’re dealing with, so they can realistically calculate the profit objective. Not enough traders use the Average Daily Range, but those who can do so skillfully can gain an edge in online forex trading, according to Harris

Harris adds this important caveat about online forex trading: If a trader is not comfortable with or adept at engaging in forex trading, he or she should not trade live in the market until the essential concepts have been well mastered. Online forex trading is in essence the art and science of currency trading online. It requires the ability to research and interpret data, among many other skill sets. Craig Harris has not only mastered these skills, but he has taught thousands of others to do the same. His company offers a range of services to help forex traders quickly learn the ropes, so they can get the best results. Harris also offers mentoring and training services to help existing online forex traders enhance their efforts and earnings. 

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A former construction worker, Craig Harris used his personal drive and determination to transform his life through forex trading. Now he enjoys helping others do the same with his practical brand of online forex training and mentoring services. Harris differentiates himself as a forex trainer by trading six hours a day live in the market with his students and explaining exactly how and why he completes certain trades.