To Franchise or Not to Franchise Cleaning Companies- That is the Question

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( — May 15, 2013) Tampa, FL — Shiraz Irani, a principal in Excel Building Services explains to us the business of cleaning companies and where they differ and can make a huge difference for the hiring clientele that is seeking to choose their cleaning service of choice.  Firstly, this is no small matter in making this choice as there are considerations involving trust and confidence in this team of professionals that is always in your personal office and building space. 

Most importantly however or perhaps equally important to the equation is the approach that is taken by larger franchise companies.  The sheer size alone necessitates the fact that there is a separation of functionality as far as the structure of the cleaning company itself.  The sales component is responsible for securing the account and has absolutely nothing to do with cleaning services or performance.  With this divide of communication, it leaves the client with a gap of whom to discuss issues when they arise as to the quality of the janitorial service or any other things that may need to be addressed. 

Care and attention might rank as paramount in the pyramid of office cleaning needs.  With the boutique model, Shiraz tells us that there are just “better controls and employee consistency” that exists within their company.  Staff training of handling day to day business and equipment that is always changing with improved methodology, can be controlled and managed efficiently with their regular employee staff members that are dedicated to the efforts. 

Management controls are better implemented also with a smaller sized company where performance can be measured and rewarded or disengaged should such measures arise.  Excel seems to have the ideal model as to understanding the right equation and size does matter.  There is a point at which size can and will hurt the franchise business or large entity that advertises on television where people find comfort in a big and familiar name. 

Reliability and accessibility are the mantra for Excel and smaller controlled businesses where communications “the old fashioned way” are critical in their day to day customer service.  Regardless of what service or business is involved, this seems to be a recurring theme that runs true to form for ideal business practices. 

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