Laser Teeth Whitening , Newcastle upon Tyne, Now Faster Than Ever

Photo of author – Thursday May 27th 2013 – Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England. For several years now, anyone wishing to avail themselves of a Laser teeth whitening service had to accept that one hour was regarded as the minimum time it would take, with the possibility of further expense and trips to a teeth whitening specialist if their teeth fell into a difficult to whiten category – further, if Dentists undertook the treatment, the cost, right from the outset, could be very expensive.

Another possible issue, apart from the high costs, was that the most popular product to whiten people’s teeth was traditionally Hydrogen or Carbamide Peroxide and they have both been known to increase the possibility of teeth sensitivity and perhaps cause other issues too.

Such was the risk of soft tissue damage using the previously mentioned products, Dentists were obligated to protect their patient’s gums and lips by the use of liquid gels and gauze as the strengths used were usually in the region of 16% and 25%, indeed 32% was available too.

Because the potential risks have been known for several years, legislation was almost inevitable and in the Autumn of 2012 the law was changed in the U.K. and Europe in general, which effectively banned the use of Hydrogen Peroxide in greater strengths than 6% (if used by Dentists) and 0.1% if used by non Dentists.

To meet the challengers created by the change of law in connection with teeth whitening and to provide a product which was more effective than the weaker strengths now being enforced by legislation, Newcastle upon Tyne Based Laser Teeth Whitening specialist, 20 Minute Teeth Whitening has introduced a product, which in tests, has outperformed all other legal 1 hour products on the market and even better, does so within only 20 minutes, cutting the time the client needs to spend undergoing the procedure by two thirds.

Owner of 20 Minute Teeth Whitening, North East Based businessman Adam Cadell, when asked, said “my company, is the largest, independent non dental specialist in the North East of England, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach and we always seek to lead, not to follow”. 

When questioned further, Mr Cadell went onto say, “With the introduction of this latest product to our range, which  doesn’t contain bleach and has full safety certification as well as having no known side effects such as sensitivity, we believe we have the edge over every other teeth whitening company who continues to use the rather antiquated, I hour service which utilises weak levels of bleach”.

The company offer their teeth whitening in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, Chester le Street, South Shields, North Shields, Washington, Durham, Sunderland, Seaham, Peterlee, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees and Darlington.

For further information contact:

Adam Cadell


Teesside Regional Office: Unit 6, Sapley Close, Thornaby, Middlesbrough, TS17 0DZ


Telephone: 0845 46 72 669