Nibbles and Bits Catering Was Officially Awarded The Title Of Newcastle's "Best Catering Company"

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( — May 15, 2013) Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK — Nibbles and Bits Catering Has Officially been Named Newcastle’s  “Best Private Catering Company”

In a recent internet based poll conducted online participants were asked to name the “Best Catering Company” and after the vigorous discussion it was of no surprise that winner was Nibbles and Bits Catering, who are most recognizable by their warm attitute and exceptional Service. The opinion poll on naming the “Best Catering Company” was sparked by a discussion online about who would be the best person to claim this distinguished title.

The result of a recent web ballot during which participants were asked for to reveal “Best Catering Company” produced what some might suggest was a quite predictable end result, well known Local Catering Company Nibbles and Bits Catering was picked out above any other recognized firm in this field.

Nibbles and Bits Catering was most often named as the “Best Catering Company”  because of their exceptional community involvement, and for what they have achieved as a local business. As a recognized local family run business, Nibbles and Bits Catering focusses on customer satisfaction above all else while keeping their services available to anyone.

Voters questioned about the ballot seemed to have split reactions to Nibbles and Bits Catering making a claim of the precious title, varying from astonishment that one small local company could be so very popular, to others stating complete agreement over the choice voters had made.

As soon as the poll was initiated, there was intense competition for the title of “Best Catering Company” but once the discussions had concluded there was a clear-cut winner of the much sought after title.

With the completion of the survey, Nibbles and Bits Catering was notified that they had been selected as the “Best Catering Company” for Newcastle. Owner Alison Whittaker was hugely surprised, everyone agreed that they were amazed at how well-known their name and services had become in Local community.

After the results were in, Nibbles and Bits Catering Owner Alison Whittaker said “To be completely honest, we didn’t even know there was a poll going on. I’m absolutely amazed that so many people are aware of us, and what we do for our customers!” 

Alison, was later overheard saying “I work very hard for my company, and am genuinely excited about what we are going to do for our customers in 2013. Just knowing that people have actually acknowledged us as “Best Catering Company in Newcastle” isn’t just an honor, it’s also a privilege. Thank you to all that voted”.

Nibbles and Bits Catering Newcastle can be reached by phone at 0191 328 0690


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