Telomere Lengths and Cellular Aging – How Long Will You Live?

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( — May 19, 2013) Belwood, ON — Telomeres are usually compared to the plastic tips of shoelaces (aglets) and they prevent chromosomes from breaking down and fraying. Exactly the same way an aglet prevents fraying of a shoelace.  However every time a cell divides some of the telomere is shortened.  When it becomes too short the cell dies.

Telomeres affect cellular aging. In 2009 Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak won the Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and telomerase. Telomerase is a potent anti-aging enzyme that rebuilds telomeres and safeguards them from breaking down. “Healthy people with longer telomeres seem to be at lower risk of age-related illness, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer – the main diseases that stop us in our tracks today.”{Maclean’s Magazine , May 27 2013 pg.66}

“Telomerase Activators” have found their way to market. TA-65MD is a registered trade name for a telomerase activator.  Its main active ingredient is a naturally occurring molecule extracted from the root of the herb, Astragalus. FINITI™ is a new product which includes TA-65MD and can be part of a health maintenance program.

Debbie Cloutier believes that we are at the beginning of understanding how telomere activators could affect telomere related diseases and our own longevity. “It’s exciting to think of the possibilities of living longer while maintaining a good quality of life. I believe we are at the new frontier of healthcare and I feel fortunate to be able to share this with others.” For more information visit


Debbie Cloutier is a Registered Veterinary Technician with over 20 years experience.  She has worked at the Ontario Veterinary College in the Intensive Care Unit since 1997.  She is passionate about sharing stem cell technology and DNA repair products because her 9 year old son asked her, after she returned home from working a 12 hour shift in the ICU, if she just had a makeover.


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