The Top Commercial Auto Insurance Company in New York Sets The Bar Even Higher

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( — May 23, 2013) Mineola, New York — When it comes to providing commercial auto insurance insurance New York, in 2013, one company has made a conscious decision to stand out in front of every other company out there.

And people all across New York have taken notice.

“Our goal is very singular,” says Kevin Browne, marketing Director at, “get the most coverage and the lowest rates in the hands of business owners in New York who need coverage. Period.”

To make that happen, the company, based in Mineola, NY, has initiated a new program for enabling commercial auto recipients to get 100% Free Home Depot Gift Cards simply by calling in for quotes.

“We’re blown away, as direct writers of NY commercial auto, for the rates we are able to provide. So the next step was simply to find a way to get the word out there as dramatically as we could. The Home Depot Gift Card promotion was a perfectly natural way for us to do just that,” says Browne.

Now small and medium sized business owners in the New York area who need commercial auto policies simply must call 800.649.9094 and request a new quote. That makes them eligible to win a gift card from one of the most notable home improvement companies in the world.

Not all NY commercial auto insurance companies are the sames. And as we all know that each differes state by stte, But when it comes to the dynamics of NY commercial auto coverage, no other company out there has the knowledge nor the expertise when it comes to getting great rates the way continues to deliver to business owners daily.

“We find that most people searching for commercial auto simply do not know how the insurance game is really played. So there is rampant overpayment,” says Browne. “Let us show you how to dramatically save on the insurance you know you need for your business transportation needs.”



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