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( — May 17, 2013) Madison, WI — Interior Design Schools Guide is celebrating its 10-year anniversary of their online website.  For the past 10 years, the website has been providing career and education information to people interested in the interior design field.

The website’s main writer Judith Harper explained, “We started this site 10 years ago based upon a suggestion from someone who was working in this area. He told us that the Web really needed a resource to help young people find out how to get into the interior designing field.”

“There have always been people interested in working in this field,” Harper continued, “But they just haven’t known where to get the training they needed to get started. Most colleges don’t offer degrees in interior design, so prospective students weren’t sure where to go.”

The website points out that only a few schools actually offer a bachelor’s degree in this field. Harper indicated that many students either pursue an associate’s degree in design or they earn a degree in some related major, such as art history.

“A lot of students will complete a somewhat-related major,” Harper continued, “And then add some specific design classes or outside study in order to train for their first entry-level job.”

Harper stated that there isn’t any one specific track for students wanting to break into this field. “For someone wanting to become an interior designer, a lot of the responsibility falls upon the individual to create their own career path,” Harper concluded. “This career field is wide open to anyone who has the interest, the basic knowledge and the ambition necessary to be successful.”

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