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( – 17, May, 2013) New York, NY — The latest report from describes how protein shakes, consumed throughout the day, are the key to one day fat loss. One day fat loss occurs as a result of replacing carbohydrates and fat with protein for two of three daily meals.  This One Day Fat Loss plan is different than most diets, as it focuses on maximizing the production of the body’s natural fat burning hormone, known as leptin.

While increasing leptin production, the one day fat loss plan taps into the body’s fat reserves, burning fat for energy; resulting in rapid fat and weight loss.

The author details how using the One Day Fat Loss plan’s three key priorities immediately starts the fat burning process; these priorities include Strategic Fasting, Focusing on Food that is Easy to Digest, and Eating a Balanced, Healthy Dinner Each Night.  These strategies provide the body with energy, while keeping leptin levels high, resulting in almost immediate fat loss.

In addition to helpful fat loss strategies, the article provides information to consider when selecting a high-quality protein powder.  This information includes ensuring the protein powder is a combination of casein and whey protein; provides at least 24 grams of protein per serving; is all natural, and has zero carbohydrates.

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