Urban Quiver 3.0 2013 Photographers Bag of the Year

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(Newswire.net — May 17, 2013) Oregon City, Oregon– Observing the difficulties faced by photographers in carrying their photographic gear, a group of photographers themselves founded Blackstone Bags in May 2011 for designing and developing various types of camera bags. Blackstone Bags proudly announces that the creation of their company has completely changed the way photographers carry their gear. They humorously add that they are not fans of any other camera bag and cases because almost all the so-called professional camera bags that are available in the market make even the young and the most stylish photographers look very old.

Blackstone Bags further adds that their first product, the Urban Quiver, that has now been renamed as the new Urban Quiver 3.0 has been designed specifically with the shape of cameras and lenses for efficient storing of camera gears in a pack. But, they caution that this bag has been designed with an intention to use it only for day excursions which means that photographers should not stuff all the pieces of their gear into it. 


Blackstone Bags continues to add that while designing this bag, care has been taken to leave out all the indications that may show that it is a camera bag so as to minimize the chances of evil-minded thieves targeting to steal the expensive equipment inside the bag. They further add that thieves will be discouraged by the fact that the main compartment of this best camera bag will remain inaccessible to them because it will be against the back of the photographer who carries it. Blackstone bags proudly points out that this is a terrific improvement and advantage over the other bags in which there may always be a fear that the gear may be targeted by unscrupulous thieves when the photographer is in the midst of a crowd of unknown people.

Blackstone Bags takes pride in pointing out that all their research, designing and development and also the making of their camera bags take place in the USA. They firmly assert that they will continue to develop new varieties of durable, modern, highly functional and improved camera bags that may be useful to the discerning, modern photographers of today, who always aim to have the best.

Blackstone Bags says that they bring out bags like the SLR camera bag, the DSLR camera bag, waterproof camera bag, etc. They continue that camera cases are also available with them. They say that they can offer free shipping also if orders are placed within a specific period.


About Blackstone Bags


Blackstone Bags has been founded by a team of photographers who have always been aware of the difficulties of photographers in carrying their photographic gear. They bring out several varieties of durable, modern and functional camera bags that will be useful to the discerning photographers who may always like to own the best.


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