No Soccer Practice Is The Best Soccer Training Program

Photo of author –May 18 2013 — Have you ever heard of a soccer training program that can make you better with no soccer practice? Well that’s one of the claims made by an outspoken Florida coach.

Amazing as it sounds a Florida coach believes that in order to become a better soccer player, then a review of your soccer practice methods are necessary. “The average soccer training program uses out-dated soccer drills and wastes valuable time” says former professional player turned coach Matt Smith.

“Statistically, in a game, a player has possession of the ball, on average  between 9 and 16 times. In the average soccer practice, a player will see the ball for a combined total of 2 minutes max”. He states  the reason for the second stat, is the out-dated soccer training programs that leave you standing around waiting in line, to have a touch of the ball.

Traditional soccer training is about group interaction, and leaves very little time for individual skill development. Which is why no soccer practice is a better way. Most of the time soccer practices consist of passing drills, running drills, and then a game where is the time to develop your skills?

Matt feels he has solved this problem, with his new soccer training program, The Epic Soccer Training System. In it, Matt trains you from the ground up. Showing you correct technique to improve your skills, making you a better player, in the shortest possible time.

He tells us, that from his experience the game is about dynamic touches, and your first touch being all important. He goes on to say “It doesn’t matter what your skill level. Whether you’re naturally gifted or a less gifted player you can learn. I wasn’t always the best player on the park, in fact in my early years, I spent a lot of time on the bench. But  My dream was to become a professional soccer player , so as I worked with better coaches I began to learn and improve to become more effective”

Andre Said this about Matt’s training “You have made a huge difference in my game by watching your videos all summer, I have new tricks that I have learned from you”.

Another happy student Fausto says “I think your content is spot on and philosophy regarding individual development is the key to producing outstanding soccer players…Please keep up the good work.”

Matt has coached thousands of people around the globe. He is hugely respected because not only does he talk the talk, he walks the walk too, after a successful career which saw him crowned 3-time all state champion, and Florida Player of the year, amongst countless other awards.


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Cheech Fernandez