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( — May, 18, 2013) Charlotte, NC — Sure Shot Sealing is proud to announce the launch of their completely mobile web site coupled with web app for easy install on mobile devices for quick client access. Sure Shot Sealing is an asphalt sealcoating service company operating mainly in the North Carolina and South Carolina area.


Asphalt Sealcoating Service


Sure Shot Sealing offers asphalt services such as sealcoating driveways, sealcoating parking lots, line striping, hole and crack repair, pavement patch, general legal signage and marking compliance, parking stops or most any aspect of making sure your private driveway or public parking lot looks fantastic and meets the needs of your customers along with all legal requirements.


Sure Shot Sealing informed us that along with money saved in long term repair issues, parking lot maintenance is extremely important for apartments and condo dwellings and any business since the parking lot is actually making the all important first impression on the customer. If the customer pulls into a clean, sharp looking parking lot that appears well maintained, has highly visible painted lines, good traffic flow and easy parking, then that customer is starting out with a good feeling about the company or store they are visiting.


Sure Shot Sealing recently launched as a strictly mobile dedicated website to match the growing patterns of customer growth in the mobile device market. The company knows that most customers are no longer sitting at a desk top computer searching but are often on the go using their phone or tablets to find services such as theirs.


The mobile website offers easy mobile features such as click-to-call, the ability to save the web app to the homescreen so the website can easily be found again, facebook connect, social sharing capabilities and other mobile amenities.


Rick Adkison, owner of Sure Shot Sealing says, “The new website is another part of our ongoing program of growth utilizing the internet as the backbone of connecting with customers. We started a couple of years ago by revamping our main website at along with increasing our search engine exposure which led us to 2012 being our best year ever. This was all attributable to our investment and concentration of marketing on the internet.”


Sure Shot Sealing, Inc. brings asphalt sealcoating to North Carolina and South Carolina regions for over 10 years with excellent asphalt sealcoating services. Asphalt sealcoating, patch repair, sealing, line striping, car stop installation, legal ADA line and sign markings.


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Author: Todd Massey G+