Arrested Development Returns For a 4th Season on Netflix

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( – May 19, 2013) Cincinnati, OH — Arrested Development returns to Netflix on May 26th for a new season of laughter.  The success of Mitchell Hurwitz’s sitcom (2003 – 2006) is based around the adventures of an embezzling tycoon and his dysfunctional extended family. 

The recent announcement of a fourth season has come as quite a surprise to fans who doubted the promise made last year in New York would come to fruition.  The skepticism should have been expected with it being over a decade since “Arrested Development” began and there having been no more episodes since the Fox cancellation back in 2006.

This upcoming opportunity to watch “Arrested Development” on Netflix, starting May 26th, is probably the best move the company has made in recent history. This is especially true once the Qwikster issue is taken into consideration. Whilst the airing of Kevin Spacey’s “House of Cards” has been something of a boon for the online broadcaster the ability to air this latest season of an award winning comedy is going to attract a whole host of new viewers from across a range of demographics., which specializes in t-shirt designs, is celebrating the new season with a tribute to Arrested Development. They have twelve t-shirt designs from the most memorable moments of past seasons.  All of the t-shirts can be customized to fit your favorite color or design. 

What of the new series though? Format wise there shall be fifteen episodes aired at once as this is Netflix new formatting, with a possible setup to a movie release this summer. The announcement as of last month was that every episode shall concentrate on a particular character within the show, with episode 11 being about the man himself; Buster.

Considering the large time gap since the last series was aired expectations are running high and there is a lot of pressure on Hurwitz and the team to ensure quality remains high. The format shows plenty of promise already, all the characters episodes will cover the exact same time period meaning that if Gob is on his Segway in say Lindsay’s episode you will be able to go to Gob’s episode and see where he went.

This is a genuinely interesting format and it’s great to see the team hasn’t forgotten how to be original.
With six Emmy Awards already under the “Arrested Development” team belt, in addition to countless nominations and a Golden Globe win, the public expects more of the same.

It shall be exciting to see if the new series of Arrested Development was worth the long wait, the way to find out is to tune into Netflix on May 26th

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