Choose Carefully Your Dentist: A Mistake Can Be Deadly

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( May 20, 2013)- Key Largo, FL- The dentist in your life is a lifelong decision until there is a falling out that occurs along the way which may be too late or after a major mistake has been made.  Looking for the right dentist which in many cases is a family commitment, not just an individual’s choice, affects many of your loved ones.

The dentist’s decisions and accuracy of prescribed work that is done is relied upon by their patients trust.  Who really knows the difference whether to pull a tooth and put in a prosthetic or not, or the extent that a cleaning or tartar has been removed from the teeth?  As accurate as an auto mechanic that analyzes the engine of your car is the correlation to the professional approach taken by your dentist. 

Now, with major health effects impacted by dental and oral hygiene, there is an even greater cause and effect to your overall health.  Heart disease is the biggest cause of mortality today and improper dental care leads directly to bacterial infection that is correlated to heart disease.      

By the time that it is uncovered what the tooth decay or problems are that exist, it could in fact be too late.  With X-Rays and regular cleanings, one should be able to keep their dental problems under control but how is one to know the extent of the accuracy of the work that is done?  Dentists have directory listings that are designed to house reviews and testimonials where patients can write experiences about any particular dentist.  Dr. Oogle and Healthgrades are two specific dentist directories that are very highly used in the industry.  Researching a dentist’s prior history is always a good idea.  Current reviews are important as are many reviews.  Details should be listed with specific dates, names, and instances that can be pointed to as not generic and “spammed” reviews.

If possible, it is probably also a good idea to visit an office and ask other patients about their experiences there.  Time required to wait for the dentist, front desk support and friendliness, and of course bedside manner of the dentist should all be evaluated. 

With these simple tools to decipher the quality of a dentist, one should feel confident to at least undergo certain minimum criteria before making a long term choice of which dentist to put their faith and trust in.  For information regarding an excellent dentist in Key Largo, Florida, contact  Ultimate Dental Care for oral hygiene and dental issues and have them answer any questions in a consultation at:   (305) 453-9105 located  103400 Overseas Hwy #234   Key Largo, FL 33037.

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