Blackstone Bags Launches New Professional Camera Bag the Urban Quiver 3.0

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( — May 19, 2013) Oregon City, Oregon — The Urban Quiver 3.0 is a revolutionary back pack with a slender body, light weight and adjustable compartments to handle any type of photo job you may encounter. The light weight design is not only great to carry around but also is lock tite while on your back, which means no one can get to your pack or a zipper coming undone, this is unique to loosing or equiptment getting stolen. Also one of the main features is that this bag is Water Proof and living in the Great NorthWest this bag is essential for any photographer out there

Matt Brown an avid Photographer said “Yes, we love our Camera Bag from Blackstone Bags! The rainfly is a must have here in Oregon. Being in a wet climate it’s comforting to know your equiptment is in a waterproof camera bag. This bag protects your equipment, and is comfortable to carry. Great product!”


Ian Neri also stated this, ” I really love my Urban Quiver 3.0 by Blackstone Bags, The Best SLR camera bag out there. They made it strong, simple and looks totally awesome. It makes people talk about my bag not camera or shots.”


Blackstone Bags was created by a team of photographers in May 2011 to change the way photographers are able to carry their gear. They are not very big fans of all other camera bags that make even the most stylish photographers look as though they’re 100 years old. The main design was for the purpose of storing your most expensive equipment. The model was based on DSLR camera bags to SLR camera bags


The first product, the Urban Quiver now known as the Urban Quiver 3.0, has been designed to efficiently store camera gear in a pack that’s shaped like cameras and lenses. They designed this bag to be for day excursions, meaning it’s not something to stuff in every piece of gear you own. They also left out all indications that this is a camera bag (minus the times a tripod is attached) to cut down on the chances of thieves targeting your expensive equipment. Thieves are also foiled by the fact that the main compartment can’t be accessed while it’s against your back. This is a huge improvement over other bags, where you would typically worry that your gear is vulnerable in a crowd of strangers.


All of they’re research, design and development is accomplished through out the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. They are very proud to say their bags are made right here in the USA. They will also continue to develop new and improved camera bags for today’s modern photographers who want the best.


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