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(Newswire.net — May 2, 2013)  Los Angeles, CA — Makers of the weight loss supplement GarciniaPower, LivingPower manufactures a high quality product made from pure garcinia cambogia. This fruit contains a compound in the rind that is a powerful weight loss tool, making it more effective than other diet supplements. The pure garcinia cambogia extract from the rind combined with other nutrients such as potassium and calcium help your body absorb and utilize garcinia cambogia for maximum benefits. 

Dr. Oz, a well-known health expert and talk show host, has endorsed garcinia cambogia for weight loss results, stating that there are two ways it works. Not only does it block the formation of fat, but it also helps deal with emotional eating by being a natural appetite suppressant. It is extremely important when purchasing garcinia cambogia to buy a supplement that contains a minimum of 50% pure garcinia cambogia extract. GarciniaPower exceeds that number at 65%. It is also an all-natural product, made in the United States and follows strict guidelines set forth by the FDA. Garcinia cambogia itself has been studied extensively and LivingPower has twenty years experience that they put forth into developing this product.

Keith Wood, media manager for LivingPower noted “Used in conjunction with exercise, GarciniaPower can help improve weight loss results easier than doing either on their own”. “It is also important to eat a healthy diet when using garcinia cambogia for weight loss” he continued. Benefits of exercise and a healthy diet alongside pure garcinia cambogia also include losing weight from fat instead of muscle mass and an increase in learning more about your health. To increase the likelihood of exercising while taking GarciniaPower, LivingPower has a virtual training site that is packed full of videos, audio, and downloads for customers to take advantage of.  Wood went to say that “many of these resources will be shared on our facebook wall over the coming months”.

LivingPower’s new fan page on Facebook can be found here:  GarciniaPower Facebook Page

GarciniaPower is manufactured in the United States and is distributed through Amazon. It contains all-natural ingredients ensuring a pure garcinia cambogia product.