Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Resource Center Accepting Spiritual Life and Business Coaching Clients

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( — May 22, 2013) Topsfield, MALife fulfillment coach Nat Couropmitree is happy to announce the undertaking of new clients for spiritual life coaching services at Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Resource Center in Topsfield, MA. Couropmitree is a former Thai Buddhist novice monk who is skilled in helping clients take insurmountable challenges and turning them into manageable tasks that lead to the achievement of goals. He has hosted dozens of workshops in the Boston area and continues to add new group sessions and workshops throughout each year.

Life and business coaching has grown in popularity in recent years. Business owners and individuals who find themselves facing personal blocks or the inability to achieve their goals turn to consultants like Nat to learn how to break through the ties that hold them back mentally, physically and spiritually. Special areas of expertise for Nat Couropmitree include helping businesses grow without feeling overwhelmed, helping individuals fulfill their goals, teaching clients how to utilize technology for personal and professional growth and how to effectively communicate with clients, staff and oneself.

The frustrations that many people deal with between pleasing others, managing a home, fulfilling their own dreams and working a job often lead to mental blocks which make it seem impossible to move forward. Holistic practitioners who focus on resolving the ailments of their clients are especially prone to neglecting themselves and their needs to grow as a professional and an individual.

“As holistic professionals they have really unique frustrations, challenges and struggles. Often they care so much about helping their clients that they sacrifice their own well-being in the process. They turn to me to effectively empower them to shift easily away from the patterns that are causing them great stress.” – Nat Couropmitree

Having served hundreds of people through private and group life coaching sessions as well as through workshops, Nat Couropmitree has been able to embrace the positive outcome of helping a person change their own life. Rita Rose Pasquale, co-owner of United Martial Arts Center speaks highly of the life coaching services of Nat Couropmitree.

 “Nat has been my teacher for sometime now and the changes that I have experienced in a very short time have been life changing for me.  Nat has a way of making you see things in a more positive light and teaches you the tools to acquire what it is you want out of life. In only 12 weeks I was able to make changes to improve the quality of my life and I had been struggling for years. I injured my back 6 years ago & haven’t been able to train as a result I gained a lot of weight and no matter what I did I couldn’t lose it. I have lost 25 pounds in 7 weeks and the only thing that is really different is me, how I treat myself. Something clicked inside when Nat said to me “You’re not losing the weight, you are releasing it, you no longer need it.” – Rita Rose Pasquale

In addition to the many coaching services offered by Couropmitree, he is also pleased to announce the upcoming “Peace Within Chaos” 4-week workshop. This course will help individuals who feel overwhelmed by life, break through. Couropmitree will teach each person how to harness their inner power and lead a life that is both lived and fulfilled instead of choosing to exist as a victim. The course will contain four modules which will cover how to live with intent and manage emotions; proper time management and how to create balance with all areas of one’s life; understanding how to embrace self-sabotage and changing personal habits; and how to be accountable for your actions and how they impact the larger goals.

More information can be found by visiting Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Resource Center online here.

About  Nat Couropmitree

Nat Couropmitree holds a degree in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. He previously hosted two online radio shows – Living Your Passion and The Law of Attraction Success Radio Show. Couropmitree is a well-respected member of the Boston community and is known for his life coaching and business coaching services and workshops.

Anyone interested in learning more about Nat Couropmitree’s services can contact him via telephone at (617) 332-9659, by visiting Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Resource Center located at 462 Boston Street, Unit B-3, Topsfield, MA 01983 or by visiting his blog at