LVN Schools in Los Angeles Reports High NCLEX Passing Rate

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( — May 22, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — LVN Schools in Los Angeles achieved the highest NCLEX passing rate on its third consecutive year with a 91% rating. With the school’s Licensed Vocational Nursing Training Program, the hard work and dedication exerted by both the students and the faculty paid off.

Not discounting the efforts and teaching methods of the faculty, the Licensed Vocational Nursing Training Program offered appears to be the cream of the crop. LVN Schools in Los Angeles provides a dynamic emphasis on the theoretical framework of nursing as well as its mastery.

The program’s curriculum includes hands-on training experience done off campus. This experience equips nursing students with the knowledge on caring for actual patients in real life situations, which also develops core commitment and genuine service to those in need of medical attention.

Licensed Vocational Nursing Schools in Los Angeles maintains that the program offered to aspiring nurses does not stay traditional with theories conducted only on campus. The program sees to it that the nursing theories be applied outside the classroom and in the field.

This experience will provide the students with a set of skills that would be beneficial when seeking employment in clinics, hospitals, care facilities and other health care setting. LVN Schools in Los Angeles designed their Vocational Nursing Program specifically to prepare nursing students for the national licensing examination.

LVN Schools in Los Angeles’ training program consists of four module that focuses on caring for clients with different medical situations. The first module on which they must take is the Introduction to Client-Centered Care Module where nursing students will be introduced to patients undergoing surgery.

Among the other modules are Care of the Client with Health Care Deviations I and II where students will be focusing on caring for patients with respiratory, gastrointestinal systems, urinary and reproductive disorders among other things.

The last modules offered by LVN Schools in Los Angeles are the Advanced Client-Centered Care and the Nursing License Preparation. All this is offered to prepare aspiring student nurses to become the best at what they do.

The recent report of 91% NCLEX exams passing rate by graduates of LVN Schools in Los Angeles is a good signal that the Education level in Los Angeles is improving.


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