Exclusive 140 Year-old Family Biz Makes Futon only for Northern Naturals

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 (Newswire.net — May 22, 2013) Santa Fe, New Mexico — One hundred forty years is an outstanding track record for a family-owned business.  Now after all these years in business, Wolf Corp is collaborating with Northern Naturals to make an all-natural futon specifically for Northern Natural’s customers.

 A little history puts this family business in perspective. Wolf Corp began in 1873 in Fort Wayne Indiana. That was back when enterprising young man could rise to the top easily with ingenuity and perseverance. And Paul Wolf, an orphan from Germany, did just that.  He started a string of businesses and his sons Erwin and Robert took it to yet another level in the early 1920’s.

Erwin and Robert successfully patented and promoted the method of edge anchoring the quilted top of mattresses.   Their sons, and subsequently their sons have driven Wolf Corp to the top of the mattress industry. By the 1990’s, the great, great grandsons Tony and Steve Wolf have launched a whole new era for Wolf Corp.

Today, Wolf Corp stands as one of the leading mattress producers in the country.  They have built their business on good family values where the company seeks to constantly improve their manufacturing processes to better serve the people with reliable and cost effective mattresses.  

As a testimony to their cause, Wolf Corp has made a 100% cotton batting futon exclusively for Northern Naturals   It is harder and harder to find futons made the old fashion way and Wolf Corp has done just that.  This durable futon serves the needs of many who are looking for an all-natural futon without harmful chemical fire retardants.

These futons are extremely strong and durable. Each one is encased in a fabulous Duck Material (60% Cotton, 40% Polyester). Their flexibility is excellent and they are ideal as a mattress bed or as a couch on a bi-fold frame. These premium futons are protected with borates as a fire retardant and there are no flame-retardants in the duck material.

Northern Naturals online store is now is in its 15th year.  This company provides excellent products in the natural and organic bedding industry from futons and pure latex mattress toppers to wool mattress pads, 100% cotton rugs, and buckwheat hull pillows.  You can order these all on line at www.northernnaturals.com