ASL Open Captioned Feature Movie Life Stories Chronicled in New eBook

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( — May 22, 2013) Los Angeles Director Darla Rae is a person who believes in miracles and not coincidence. A new eBook captures true miracle stories of how the film came together and the unsung heroes amongst the teen cast members.

“The film is certainly inspiring, uplifting, encouraging and motivating, but it’s also driven by these amazing stories of perseverance that I as a filmmaker kept experiencing or hearing over and over. So I felt it was important to share with others. I caught myself saying “I Heard a Miracle” every time I turned around. So I sat down and started to write them down. As I shared with others more stories continued to come out. I want people to understand the true gift in our teens and what they have overcome to get here and where they are now. In my eyes they are the True Unsung heroes and great role models for all of us”, said director Darla Rae.

The book details many stories including one about a teen girl who had become a ward of the state in the Ukraine because of her deafness, who basically had been left to die but was adopted by this amazing family. Another story tells how a young boy was born drug addicted and abused but found peace with a family of Angels.

A sneak peek of the ebook “I Heard a Miracle” is now available to read for free at the “Spirit of Love” movie website. You can read it at    which is located at

The book will first be available as an eBook download .

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