Psychic Medium Kim Dennis Guided Family Of Recently Identified Missing Person

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( — May 22, 2013Calgary, Canada –- Calgary-based clairvoyant Kim Dennis, better known as Clairvoyant Kim recently conducted a reading for the daughter of a missing woman. During the reading, Kim revealed details that have become very prophetic with the discovery of the body of Sandra Mykytiuk-Evans in the Bow River near Calgary. The reading was with Mykytiuk-Evans’ daughter and it once again reveals the amazing abilities of Clairvoyant Kim. According to Dennis, “I use my abilities to provide the best information I can and in the case of a missing person I neither give false hope nor dire predictions. I simply reveal the truth as I know it and hope that it gives family members some guidance and some level of comfort.”

During the reading Dennis told Mykytiuk-Evans’ daughter that her mom was in the water, near canoes and that she would be found in the spring once the snow melted. On Wednesday, May 8, 2013 the body of Mykytiuk-Evans was found in the Bow River just as the spring thaw opened up the waterway and just as predicted by Clairvoyant Kim. Authorities announced that the death does not seem suspicious. Upon hearing the news, Dennis stated, “I always hate to hear this type of news but I hope that I was able to in some way prepare the family for this eventuality.”

Kim Dennis provides free missing persons readings to families dealing with this difficult situation and to law enforcement officials struggling with missing person and cold cases.

To learn more about Clairvoyant Kim visit her website at or call (403) 283-8424 to speak with Dennis about her experience and abilities. Clairvoyant Kim also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

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