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( — May 22, 2013)  Los Angeles, CA — The Best Lechon in Los Angeles is a roast pig derived from the Spanish word leche which means milk is a whole roasted pig cooked in the native way from Cebu City, has been making waves in different parts of the world earning the title of the best roasted pig.

Best Lechon in Los Angeles shares the secret on making this tasty dish. Preparing lechon baboy Cebu-style requires one whole native pig, salt and black pepper to taste. For the typical American, salt and pepper are among the only ingredients for a delicious meal but for Filipinos, condiments are everything.

Sprite, famously known for drinking is used to glaze the lechon. Ten bundles of lemon grass, six pieces of laurel or bay leaves cut into small parts, 5 cups of crushed garlic and two kilos of green onion leaves are needed for the pork’s stuffing.

Best Lechon in Los Angeles makes sure that all the hair follicles and the innards are all removed, the pork thoroughly rinsed until no lumps of blood are found inside the stomach. Salt and pepper are then rubbed on the pork’s insides as well as the skin.

A little amount of soy sauce must then be rubbed inside the belly. Best Lechon in Los Angeles makes roasted pig in the exact way it is traditionally made. The rest of the ingredients are stuffed into the belly with the lemon grass put in the center.

Making sure that no stuffing slips out, Best Lechon in Los Angeles then stitches the belly and the pig is ready for roasting. Traditionally, the pig has to be skewered with a bamboo stick and roasted over hot charcoal. Now the trick is not to place the charcoal directly below the pork’s belly but on either side.

Best Lechon in Los Angeles stays true to the traditional way by glazing the pork’s skin with Sprite from time to time using a sponge. This is what is thought to be the reason for the skin’s tasty and extra crispy quality.

The Best Lechon in Los Angeles is just one of the many who provides customers with a taste of this crispy and tasty dish with smiles on their faces.


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