Fremont Dental Practitioner Emphasizes Prevention and Risks of Gum Disease

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( — May 25, 2013) Fremont, CA — Fremont dentist Dr. Sheila Dobee, DDS emphasizes ‘total mouth care’ to prevent periodontal diseases and bad breath. The Fremont dental practitioner believes that this type of comprehensive prevention is better than cure when it comes to achieving healthy, functional, and attractive teeth.

Failing to brush and floss daily is one of the main reasons behind bad breath and gum disease. Over time, food particles accumulate in the mouth and collect bacteria that cause bad breath. If the food remains inside the mouth for a long period and rots, the bacteria lodges itself between the teeth, around the gums, and on the tongue, producing an unpleasant odor. Dr. Dobee highly recommends flossing twice a day and atleast once a day in the night before going to bed. She recommends professional cleaning atleast every 6 months and more frequently in case of periodontal disease.

Dr. Dobee’s Fremont dental practice focuses on ‘total mouth care’ comprehensive cleaning education and services to ensure that optimal dental health is maintained. She sets up her patients on an optimal dental hygiene program which includes atleast two in-office sessions per year for professional exam and cleaning. During these sessions, the dentist will remove all particles as a preventive measure in maintaining oral health. Likewise, she monitors any changes occurring within the gums and utilizes the latest advancements in soft tissue or gum management if a problem is evident.

Specializing in Fremont family dentistry, Dr. Dobee makes certain that her patients understand proper dental care to prevent any complications in the future. Aside from discussing effective home hygiene methods, she ensures that all patients are well aware of gum disease. If this condition is left undetected, individuals suffering from it can develop a higher risk of heart disease. If it occurs in pregnant women, the condition may also put them at risk of giving birth prematurely. Moreover, the disease causes tooth loss, which negatively affects a person’s appearance.

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Aside from being a member of the California Dental Society and the American Dental Society, Dr. Dobee has also formerly served as president of the Southern Alameda Dental Society. She is also winner of 2012 Patients Choice Award. Her restorative and family dentistry practice focuses on patient education and preventive methods. For more information, please see

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