LivingPower Announces Centuries-Old Strength Training Program

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( — May 24, 2013) Colorado Springs, CO — LivingPower, a Colorado Springs based health and wellness company is announcing the release of a new educational fitness product that is being offered to both customers of GarciniaPower, an extra strength pure garcinia cambogia extract, and those who are part of their free health and wellness membership. The fitness product is geared around Kettlebell training and is designed to help those using Garcinia Cambogia Extract achieve their weight loss goals faster and on a more consistent basis. 

Kettlebell training is a centuries-old secret that was developed in Russia to build strength, improve flexibility and create a very strong cardiovascular system. LivingPower is offering a virtual kettlebell training program via their membership web site and will deliver it through videos and ebooks. The content is expected to be available by May 23, 2013. 

Keith Wood, media manager at LivingPower, said, “this type of training is very different than most diets and fitness programs people have tried in the past.” He continued to explain that the virtual program is broken down into 20 gym videos, nutritional guidelines and effective motivational tips that are all designed to expedite the success of the garcinia cambogia diet. The proper balance of nutrition and exercise alongside a powerful garcinia cambogia supplement really maximize success for our customers he later said.

The kettlebell training program is designed to last 8 weeks but all of the training content is available for customers on an ongoing basis along with other fitness resources scheduled to be released on a weekly basis. 

LivingPower is based in Colorado Springs and is the founder of a new extra strength garcinia cambogia extract. GarciniaPower, a pure garcinia cambogia , is manufactured in the United States and will be distributed through Amazon.

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