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( — May 25, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — In recent events, Bail Bonds in Los Angeles stated that California’s Prison Realignment Program has been making the headlines. A number of citizens have been expressing their concerns regarding the realignment program’s impact to the general public’s safety as well as its contribution of leniency towards criminal acts no matter how minimal.

California’s “Free for All” criminal justice system has been implementing bail bond firms like Bail Bonds in Los Angeles to aid the release of over 42% of inmates with “minor” offenses. One instance is the release of a man caught with 4200 marijuana plants in Humboldt County. What might seem as a minor offense is causing a public outrage.

What irked the people’s nerves is the part where the honest to goodness tax payers fulfill their role in contributing to the bail bonds afforded to the inmates. Although Bail Bonds Los Angeles is a commercial bail bond company and is not directly the government’s target in aiding the inmates release, they as well as a majority of other bail bond firms in Los Angeles and other cities in California are indirectly affected by receiving public scrutiny.

According to Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, the scenario has disappointed the public by learning that their elected officials would rather contribute tax payer dollars in releasing people for the reason of not having enough room in local jails. Another instance of an arrested defendant being released is a man who stole a vehicle which led into a 70 mph car chase with the police.

Bail Bonds in Los Angeles added that the Commander of the Humboldt County Jail confirmed that almost everyone who is taken in for arrest are only cited and released except for those who are involved in violent crime cases. Humboldt County Jail has a capacity of 391, with the realignment policy in effect; it means that as the capacity of the jail nears it has to stop admitting people who are not proven to be an imminent danger to the public.


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