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( — May 26, 2013) Atlanta, GA — There isn’t much that sounds better than a trip to the Mediterranean; long, sunny days filled with amazing meals, delightful people, and picturesque scenery.  Unfortunately, a Mediterranean escape isn’t always the most practical option for regularly improving the quality of people’s lives and their state of mind.  Nora Redmond, chef and author of the new book Easy Everyday Mediterranean Diet Recipes, is here to offer everyone the next best thing: mouthwatering meals that will improve both health and spirits.

A recent media darling in the health world, the Mediterranean Diet has received endorsements from doctors and researchers who say that they now have evidence that shows that people who follow the Mediterranean Diet plan will reap the benefits, which include a reduced risk for strokes, heart attacks, and several forms of cancer.

The diet, meant to replicate the healthy, leisurely way the inhabitants of countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain eat, focuses on using as many fresh ingredients as possible, reducing the amount of times red meat is eaten, and instead replacing it with seafood and whole grains.

Redmond, who lived in the Mediterranean region for several years while she attending various chef schools, is a firm believer in the transformative effects this diet has on people.  Having lost over 50 pounds after changing her diet and her approach to food, Redmond wants to share her passion for this region’s food through recipes that are simultaneously delicious and approachable.

“A diet shouldn’t make you miserable,” says Redmond. “The whole notion that a diet is something you should suffer through is foreign to people in the Mediterranean.  Diets are meant to be balanced, delicious, and enjoyable.  They should nourish the body, mind, and soul.  Good food can do that — I’m living proof of it.”

Redmond’s cookbook, published by Little Pearl Publishing, goes into depth about what the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle actually is before walking the reader through her 60 favorite mediterranean diet recipes, which cover everything from soups, salads, and main dishes, as well as professional wine pairings for each dish.  

As a Memorial Day Weekend promotion, the unofficial launch to summer gatherings, Little Pearl Publishing is providing readers with a free digital copy of The Easy Everyday Mediterranean Diet Cookbook through May 29th.



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