Los Angeles: Doc Says Stress is Weight Loss Secret

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(Newswire.net — May 28, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — It’s pretty much always bikini season in LA, but millions fear to be seen in public because they’re carrying extra pounds.  New Year’s resolutions have nearly all been tossed aside by this point in the year, and one more notch on the wall ticks off one more failed diet for many.  One doctor, however, is skeptical of the whole industry, and he’s now sharing his wealth of knowledge available right here in Los Angeles.

“You’re never going to lose weigh permanently if you don’t control chronic stress,” says Dr. Lang.  “Our society is under a stress epidemic, and this is why diet after diet fails for most people.”  Dr. Stanley Lang, MD, a holistic doctor with 30 years of experience, says he’s seen the whole spectrum of weight loss tactics. 

“The problem most people have is keeping the weight off long term.  Anyone can lose weight 100 different ways, but more than 90% who lose weight just regain it again, because each ‘new’ system or diet that comes out usually only pays attention to the body.  A truly holistic approach will certainly address the body,  but will also focus on the mind, and even the spirit – both of which are where stress resides.”

Many of Dr. Lang’s patients have had lasting weight loss after following his guidelines and practicing a holistic approach to health and nutrition.  He says that he has developed a unique, and truly holistic weight loss system, which he offers at PERMANENT-WEIGHT-LOSS-NOW.COM. “Until now, insofar as I am aware, such an approach has simply not been available in the marketplace,” states Dr. Lang.  “I knew there was an obvious need  for an holistic weight loss program, and so I decided to answer this need and provide people with a better chance at long term success.  Most diets simply aren’t geared for permanent weight loss,” explains Dr. Lang, “because they aren’t healthy extended periods of time.  Give up carbohydrates, give up meat, give up animal protein, and you’ll see a change initially in most people.  But even these diets which purport to be ‘lifestyle changes’ simply cannot pass muster for most people, because they’re failing to address chronic stress.

Dr. Lang’s weight loss system is now being to be offered in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas.

About Dr. Stanley Lang

Dr. Lang is a board-certified physician who has been practicing medicine for 30 years in DuBois, PA, a few hours north of Pittsburgh.  He has seen numerous changes over the years of practicing holistic medicine and is a pioneer in this strategy of providing care.

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