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(Newswire.net — May 27, 2013) Las Vegas, NV — Locksmith in Las Vegas, NV Was Officially Designated as top “Las Vegas car locksmith” In Las Vegas, NV . The feedback of a current web-based ballot from which respondents were prompted to reveal “Best Auto Locksmith in Las Vegas NV”, yielded what some are likely to say was a extremely predictable outcome. The locksmith experts at www.autolocksmithLas Vegas.com were chosen much more than any other recognized name in Las Vegas, NV.

The opinion poll and eventually, the naming of “Best Las Vegas car locksmith” was initiated because of an intense discussion started about just whom in the Las Vegas, NV area would essentially be able to make a claim to that title. In an effort to maintain the ballot impartial to all locals, the ballot was created on-line and the winner was picked by area residents independently.

Immediately after introducing the survey, there was a ferocious competition for the title of the best “Las Vegas car locksmith”, but after the results were in, there was a clear and indisputable winner of the desired title. After the opinion poll ended, AutoLocksmithLas Vegas.com was presented as the accepted top “Las Vegas car locksmith” for Las Vegas, NV.

Local residents questioned about the ballot seemed to have split reactions to Las Vegas car locksmith making a claim of the highly sought after title, varying from utter disbelief that one las vegas locksmith could be so very popular, to complete agreement over the choice local residents had decided upon. Las Vegas car locksmith was most likely established as the best Las Vegas car locksmith NV by area residents in large part as a result of the hard work owner Steve Thomison has achieved through top notch locksmith service and customer satisfaction. As a recognized locksmith specialist that focuses on all home, auto and commercial applications claiming the formal title was not surprising to a good sized majority of those individuals who took part.

After the results were in, Owner Steve De Palma was cited as stating “To be frank, I didn’t even know that there was a survey being carried out at all. I’m pleasantly surprised that many people in the Las Vegas area know our name”. Mr. De Palma was also mentioned declaring “I work hard on customer satisfaction, and am seriously ecstatic about what I have taking place in 2013. Hearing that people here in Las Vegas have actually identified us as best ‘Las Vegas Car Locksmith’ is not just an honor, additionally it is a privilege. Thanks a ton to all residents that took part in the vote”.

Steve De Palma is available by telephone at 702-323-0399.


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