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( — May 29, 2013) St. Paul, MN — A new website that is centered around helping individuals find out information about animation education and careers now open to the public.

This new website offers basic information about how someone can get started in the field of animation and also provides details about specific schools, degree programs and classes.

The website editor, Victoria Burns, explained, “Our new site is primarily designed for graduating high school students who are interested in getting started in an animation career. We have some good information about schools that offer programs in this field.”

Probably the key feature of this site is the section that permits visitors to access the school search database. Visitors can browse for available schools and degree programs based on where the visitor lives or where they wish to attend school.  

“While the best animators need to have a strong artistic streak,” Burns continued, “The industry is totally computerized and anyone getting into this field needs to have a solid understanding of the main software that everyone is using.”

Burns noted that many of the potential jobs in this field are found in just a few geographic places.

“Yes,” said Burns, “Most of the employers are found just in the larger cities and especially on the two coasts, with the west coast in particular.”

“I really feel strongly about this career field being in a growth phase,” Burns concluded, “I think that qualified graduates of good schools really have a great employment future. The main thing I would recommend to someone who is really interested in animation is for the student to find a school they can afford and get started. I’m sure they won’t regret it.”

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