SEOmoz Rebrand Reflecting Major SEO Changes

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( – May, 29 2013) San Diego, CA — The changes implemented by Google during recent search history have brought to light the flaws inherent in some traditional SEO thought processes.  This has resulted in older methodologies no longer being completely effective and in many cases causing actual harm. Consequently, with the increasing impact of social media and user metrics, savvy business owners will be looking at a broader range of services than previously required.

Moz, previously known as SEOmoz, will be offering monthly subscribers detailed analytics so that changes in traffic and user behavior are noticed immediately. This means that negative trends can be eradicated sooner and positive trends can be taken advantage of quickly. The software analyzes the efficacy of links, social media, branding, and other vital information and is priced to be accessible to smaller business owners.

Moz will be focusing on analysis of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is the use of content to draw customers towards either the company website or company products.  “The future of successful marketing online is dependent upon proper market analysis and flawless technical implementation coupled with conversational content development and distribution which is not only likely to be read but shared as well,” said Michael Pearse of Pearse Consulting. 

Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz, stated, “… 90% of marketing investment is spen on channels that interrupt people in order to get their attention. TV commercials, print ads, radio spots, and billboards are part of this, but so too are web channels like banner advertising, pop-ups and pop-unders, non-opt-in emails…It’s not that these channels are evil or wrong – interruption-based marketing can still be effective if it’s done empathetically and delights its audience. But on the web, less than 10% of all the clicks and traffic go through these channels. The vast majority of web users’ time and attention… goes to inbound marketing…”

Pearse Consulting has been conducting SEO and Inbound Search Marketing campaigns for Enterprise level clientele in competitive verticals for the past decade. Utilizing a combination of market analysis, technology and content production allows Pearse Consulting to facilitate targeted and non-invasive brand insertion to consumer web consumption.

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