Modeling Tips for Quality Photo-shoots from Fitness Model and Guru Natalie Jill

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( — May 29, 2013) San Diego, CA — Getting the right shots in a photo shoot is a lot more challenging than one would think, and fitness model/guru Natalie Jill explains why in her report “Modeling- Behind the Scenes.” Natalie says that with proper the photographer, lighting, makeup artists, and a talent at getting the best angles, a quality photo shoot can be created anywhere.

“The model in the shoot needs to be on point but even more critical is to have the right photographer,” says Natalie Jill. A great photographer knows how to work with lighting combined with talent to get the best images, it’s not just about taking pictures, it’s also about knowing what idea one is aiming for. Natalie Jill says that she has been lucky enough to work with wonderful photographers, and urges that models pay for quality photographers to ensure pictures of originality.

Another point Natalie makes is the importance of being prepared. Being prepared consists of remaining consistent in dieting, and even having a personal makeup artist in the event that the photographer does not. “I do not change my diet much before a shoot. I stay pretty consistent throughout the year, however, I do watch my salt intake the week prior to a shoot. I also am a fan of having the right makeup artist on hand for my photo shoots. If the photographer I am working with does not have one on hand, I will bring my own,” says the model gone fitness guru Natalie Jill.

Lastly, Natalie Jill gives advice about the importance of skin when doing photo shoots. “A good UV-free airbrush or spray tan from ITAN. If I am traveling outside of California, and there is no ITAN around, I am always sure to bring my products to maintain my ITAN UV free tan with my Kona Tanning Gradual tanner.” Natalie then goes on to explain the actual picture taking. Read more tips and advice on modeling, by visiting, or contact Natalie Jill at