John Barry Reaches Javita Coffee Star Bonus in Rapid Fashion

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( — May 31, 2013) Houston, TX — Online marketing expert and super affiliate, John Barry of, has recently joined the Javita Coffee company and by using his unique online lead generation techniques, quickly climbed to the Star bonus level.  Unlike those promoting MLM’s the traditional ways, Barry is working with systems that allow one to generate leads and customers into his business without having to pick up the phone, have “home parties” or even have to talk to anyone.

Barry states, “The best part about the system and techniques I’m using is that I’m not only building my team but I am also building my teams downline.  The way I have things set up and the trainings I’m creating, it can be automated and duplicated by the others who join my team.  After selling over $1 million in products and services over the last year and a half I realized that the more value that you provide to the next person, the more income you’re going to achieve. Your income is directly proportionate to how much value you carry to other people and that is what the systems I use is all about.”

Traditionally MLM companies, recommend that sponsors contact their friends and family to join the opportunity but obviously one of the pitfalls is that one runs out of “warm” contacts.  This is why the systems Barry is working with and creating will be able to help all those who are willing to put in the work and join his team.  Some members have said he’s the best Javita sponsor.

“Of course I’m not saying that you can just sit there, and money will appear in your bank account, but for those who are willing to put in a little effort and do as I tell them, I will get them pluged-in into our system to help them build their team and commissions,” he continues.

Barry has also created a bonus package for all those that join the Javita MLM Coffee opportunity through his link.
* Access To Automated Recruiting System * Additional Training on marketing on the Internet* Access to Traffic Co-ops* Quick Start Guide* Chance to participate in additional contests* Plus more as the team grows John warns that he is only looking for team members who are serious about taking action and building a long term income producing business.

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