Advertising Firm Launches Report for Carpet Cleaning Businesses

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( — May 31, 2013) Pensacola, FL- Hitman Advertising launches a free report to help carpet cleaning businesses with their postcard advertising.  The report is a step-by-step guide to show cleaning companies how to go about mailing postcards and every door direct mail pieces.  It’s available for instant download.

Advertising a small business is tough these days.  Consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising messages more than ever.  They are skeptical to respond to any type of marketing message.  And for the cleaning business, advertising can easily be ten to twenty percentage of the operating budget.

Failed advertising can ruin a company.  A cleaning business operates in a way that it relies on repeat clients calling again and again for frequent cleaning.  But in order to get this repeat business in, client mailers are key.  Many of the most successful cleaning businesses in the world use postcards to grow their business.

Postcards are a popular choice for cleaning companies because of the relative low investment in printing and fulfillment.  When mailing postcards there is no need to stuff envelopes or fold letters.  And there are even ways to have the postcard labeled for you.  The ease of using postcards makes postcard marketing an attractive alternative for the carpet cleaning business.

John Braun, owner of Hitman Advertising, said, “I’ve seen postcard advertising double the sales of several carpet cleaning companies.  It’s all about frequent communication with the right message to the right prospect.  Marketing to the clients that have used a cleaning company in the past is smart.  And repeatedly advertising to targeted neighborhoods is smart too.”

Hitman Advertising specializes in helping cleaning companies get the most profit possible from their advertising.  They are now offering the free report, “How to Cut Your Postcard and Newsletter Marketing Costs in Half” at

You can visit their website at or call 888-211-7702 for the free report.