Sherrie Chastain’s Roundtable Provided Denver Business Owners with Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies

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( — June 1, 2013) Denver, CO. — Business owners that attended the invitation only roundtable that was hosted by the internet marketing consultant Sherrie Chastain, are reporting positive results from implementation of some of her “out of the box” marketing strategies that she revealed.  Providing tips on how local business owners can integrate their current marketing with low cost online strategies to increase the effectiveness of their marketing budget has been the focus of Sherrie Chastain’s seminars, workshops, trainings, teleconferences, webinars, and membership marketing training sites.

“Staying on top of the algorithm changes that Google is constantly making is a full time job.  Daily research and analysis is required to stay on top of the online marketing game,” Sherrie Chastain explains.  Sherrie continues by saying, “I spend tens of thousands of dollars every year to test and analyze what works and what does not work.  Local business owners just do not have the time, or knowledge to handle an effective online marketing campaign without some help.  Many business owners are drowning in their day to day tasks and require more than marketing services.”

“Often times I will create a plan for the business owner to begin to spend their time doing the things that they love, and get back in touch with the reason they went into business in the first place.  Clients have seen their income double, and the time that they spend working decrease when they follow a customized business plan,” Sherrie Chastain explains.

“After working with business owners for the past decade I have discovered the kind of marketing plans that are effective for the budgets that local business owners have available.  I am traveling the country holding roundtable sessions with business owners that have been matched for that specific roundtable session,” Sherrie Chastain says.  Continuing with, “I have found that this is the most effective method of connecting with local business owners to create the type of environment that will ensure success.  The bonds and relationships that are formed during these roundtable sessions play an integral role in the success of these cutting edge strategies that I have found to be so effective.”

“I will be holding more roundtable sessions in the Denver area throughout the summer, and possibly into early fall so watch for an invitation,” the internet marketing consultant Sherrie Chastain explains.  “I have not made up my mind yet for the geographical area to hold fall and winter roundtable sessions.  The place should be chosen and announced by late summer.  I have even thought of holding a few submission based roundtable sessions to accommodate business owners that have not received an invitation but are really looking for some marketing help. Information on this will be released in the near future.”