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Word has it that there is a new website has been opened for photographers. This website is called the Pangaea Photography. This website is dedicated for all photographers that want to advertise all their local businesses, buy and sell products or give teaching courses to those who want to become professional photographers in the future. So if you are one of those professional photographers or someone who wants to learn the basics of photography then this website is for you. To learn more of the features and some of the terms of the website then read on for more info.


What are the features?

The Pangaea Photography website has a lot of different features that you would want to take advantage of. At the home page, you can different categories at the tabs menu. These would link to other pages that could give you some hints on photography, privacy, terms and many more. These categories are the Home, Articles, Contact, Privacy and Terms. At the articles, you will be linked to the article page where you can find all of the articles about photography that other professional photographers have written. These are helpful when you are learning about the ways of professional photography. The next category is the Contact category in which will take you to the contacts page. In this page you will be able to contact Pangaea Photography and you can leave a message for them if you are asking for questions about anything related to the website or photography. The Privacy category takes you to the Privacy page in which you will be explained on what privy things you should know about your registration on their website and how our accounts will be handled. Lastly is the Terms Category on which will take you to the Terms and Conditions page which explains what terms and conditions you would need to follow if you register and do buy and sell in their website.


There is a website search feature that you can manipulate with. You just have to key in some key words on the input textbox, then choose your category, state and city of your choosing and then just click search for it to get working. It will then give you links to categories that you were looking for. You can also try out the other feature which showcases web categories, new listings, most popular links and a random choice of links. You can also try the featured listings so you can know which ones that would be the best ones you should try at. There is also the latest articles feature in which you can know all the latest articles that other professional photographers have posted for your viewing pleasure. In here you can know more of what it takes to become a professional photographer, suggestions for items that would be useful for your photography and any other topics that would help you in your photography. The only thing that matters for this website is to help all of the photographers out there in the world.


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