WholeHealth Products, Inc., (GWPC:OTC US) Announces Internet Doctor Appointments, Video Collaboration and Telemedicine

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(Newswire.net — June 4, 2013) Irvine, CA — (GWPC:OTC QB) WholeHealth Products, Inc., using cutting edge technology is changing healthcare treatment by combining  Telemedicine and Health Care Services using Click-On-My-Clinic.

Telemedicine now gives a patient the ability to consult with doctors from home or business from their own virtual waiting room. Making it easier for mothers with children to be able to talk with doctors without having to gather the kids, put them in the car, fight the traffic, look for a parking space and speak to the doctor

Now a parent can do it from the privacy of their home.

A working parent can avoid missing a day’s work and get a full day’s pay by using Telemedicine HealthCare Services by speaking directly to the doctor from a laptop.

An elderly person can talk to their long time personal doctor without leaving the house avoiding the inconvenience of searching for a ride, taxi or bus.

Technology has brought Telemedicine to the field of healthcare where private consultations can be done any and everywhere by a PC, Laptop and Monitors, where a internet and WiFi access is available.

Technology has brought the ability for a patient to see several physicians in several locations in less time and in a single day. A different way of healthcare is emerging thru technologies providing efficient patient care, convenience at the fraction of the time and cost for both patient and physician.

Telemedicine lets patients to consult with physicians privately and other medical professionals to deliver faster results.  

Patient Benefits of Technology and Telemedicine….

     1.)    HIPPA Compliant and Approved

     2.)    Online Patient Appointment Scheduler

     3.)    Private and Convenient Online Consultation between patient and doctor

     4.)    Online Communications from ordinary laptops, desktops, mobile devices via the Internet and WiFi

     5.)    Video Conferencing  without costly travel and time away from the office and home

     6.)    Video Conference your  doctor, chiropractor, specialists and administrators

     7.)    Affordable enough for everyday use


Providing Telemedicine by Touch

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Providing Telemedicine by touch