Sherrie Chastain Explains what Real Time Penguin/Panda Means

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(  — June 3, 2013)  Denver, Co. — “Google announced that they were going to make their Penguin/Panda algorithm real time, instead of running it for updates once a month or even less than that like they have in the past since the new algorithms were implemented.  This real time change will create problems for website owners, because the other announcement that Google made was there would be no more announcements on updates for the Penguin/Panda algorithms.  Which essentially means when Google makes an update to the algorithm no one will know, and since the algorithms are real time website owners will not see large drops like the previous updates that were ran less often.”

“With small drops, website owners will have a harder time detecting a Penguin/Panda penalty from just typical daily ups and downs in website traffic.  A website could get hit with multiple penalties from multiple updates and the website owner never be aware, all the while their website just keeps losing rankings,” Sherrie Chastain explains to local business owners in one of her free Internet marketing trainings.

The Penguin/Penalty was an algorithm that Google designed to expose certain types of business models that Google does not want ranking in the top of the search engine results.  Websites that were obviously over optimized by marketers were heavily penalized.  Content farms as they are referred to, that have very low quality content were also targeted by Google, because Google does not want these type of websites ranking in the top of the SERP’s.  Google is looking for websites that have a mix of quality content, great navigation, social mentions and connections, along with certain factors in the coding of the website.

The Penguin penalty targets keywords, groups of keywords, keyword phrases and website pages.  The Panda penalty is a site wide penalty and much harder to remove.  “A website owner that came to me for help with their Panda penalty that they could not get removed, took 6 letters to Google citing the changes made to their website before Google would remove the Panda penalty,” Sherrie Chastain explains.

“In these post Penguin/Panda times with the penalty algorithm going real time, the best practice is to build your website Penguin/Panda approved, post consistent quality content, and engage prospects using social media networks.  These are key for top rankings in the Google SERP’s now and in the future,” Sherrie Chastain explains to the attendees at one of the many free trainings that she provides.

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