Internet Mortgage Leads Generation Secrets Revealed!

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( — June 10, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — New lead generation method for brokers Launched.  “We are not a Mortgage Leads Broker” says Fred Abitbol of Mortgage Leads America. “We are a middle sized mortgage broker that is licensed and operates in 9 states. We found that by using our lead generation methods we were generating many leads that we couldn’t fund, not because we didnt want to, but simply because we didn’t work in those states.”

So Abitbol contacted some of his friends in the mortgage business and found that there was a strong demand for his leads. This is when Mortgage Leads America was born. He says, he always hated dealing with traditional mortgage leads brokers because of the way they do business.”You never know what your gonna get, or how many other brokers are getting this exact lead!”, exclaims Abitbol when asked about his experiences with internet mortgage leads companies.

“I wanted a hub where brokers just like me can get good quality, high converting leads for a reasonable price, from a source they can trust.” Unfortunately, Fred didn’t find anything on the market that proved satisfactory, which gave birth to

When surfing their website the design seems quite simple, a contact form and email, a little decription of what they offer and a picture. The point is not to build a fancy website filled with fluff. Mortgage brokers know what they want, they just need someone that understands the business and can deliver the goods. Good Quality High Converting Leads. Simple, what more do you need.

Converting at over 20% Abitbol feels confident brokers across the country would be happy to buy from him. “I’ve been in the business for over 15 years, I know mortgages like the back of my hand, I know what I look for in prospective clients and I transfer over this knowledge to my fellow brokers.” is just in its infancy, but has a bright future ahead, currently offering quality internet mortgage leads packages for new customers across the country they can be reached online at