Raw Foods Diet as a Treatment for Celiac Disease Sufferers

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(Newswire.net — June 4, 2013) San Diego, CA —  “You may have never thought of raw foods as a treatment for Celiac Sprue disease,” Natalie Jill remarks, “raw foods is a very effective treatment for Celiac Sprue disease I have been using myself for some time.”  The fitness model and weight loss coach Natalie Jill assures everyone that a raw foods diet is not about becoming a vegan, or hardcore vegetarian that only eats vegetables and nothing more. “A raw foods diet is essential for celiac disease sufferers,” Natalie Jill explains, “because Celiac disease involves a damaged small intestine lining that will stop the body from absorbing valuable vitamins and nutrients from the food that is eaten. These vitamins and nutrients are essential building blocks for health and maintaining a healthy immune system. Much of the damage to the intestinal walls is all due to a reaction from eating gluten, that is found in wheat, barley, rye and some oats.”

A raw foods diet involves eating unprocessed, whole, natural foods that have been grown organically. “Basically you are looking for food that is as close to its original state as possible, or in other words, farmers market fruits and veggies. When grocery shopping, read the ingredients list and the ones that you do not know or cannot easily pronounce are probably not good for you,” says Natalie Jill.

A wide variety of different types of fruits, veggies of all colors, nuts and seeds, various fresh sprouts, root vegetables and squashes, fresh herbs and raw spices, seaweeds and more, make up a raw foods diet. Preparing raw food is referred to as “uncooking.” Most foods that people consume in a raw foods lifestyle actually do little preparation, like salads for example. It helps to have a food processor or a juicer if participating in a raw foods lifestyle.

Eating gluten causes damaging reactions for celiac sprue sufferers, this means that celiac sufferers are gluten intolerant. Gluten is a protein that is found in foods processed from wheat and similar grain species, like barley and rye. It is extremely important for a person with the celiac disease to stay away from gluten. In a gluten free diet, all fresh produce is great. However, if it is not fresh but packaged, then the ingredients should be checked for ingredients and processing procedures.

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