Sherrie Chastain Explains that SEO is Not Dead it is Just Evolving

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( — June 4, 2013) Denver, CO — “Influencers like Forbes, and Digital Marketing Guru’s including Ryan Deiss spent much of 2012 alerting people to the fact that Google’s new algorithms purpose were to make SEO an obsolete industry.  Google wanted the content that shows up in the search results pages to be more user generated, and natural or organic, coming from real people not marketers,” the technology interpreter Sherrie Chastain explains.

“Remember, where there is a will there is a way.  The new real time Panda ~ Penguin algorithms are not really going to do away with Internet marketers, and SEO will not really be dead.  It will just evolve, with new strategies being tested by the emerging social media gurus.”  Sherrie Chastain continues to explain, “SEO or Search Engine Optimization, just means you take a piece of content and purposefully make each and every element exactly what Google wants.  Then Google will provide the content with a high quality score, so it will get ranked at the top of the search engine results page.”

“As with any type of artificial manipulation, and not allowing content to be generated naturally by the users, there are varying degrees of manipulation.  Marketers call this ‘black hat’, ‘grey hat’, and ‘white hat’, which I am sure you can obviously figure out which one Google is looking for.  To say all SEO is bad is a very blanket and inaccurate statement, because I have been using SEO practices for years and always rank at the top of Google for targeted keywords without ever receiving any penalties.  It really all goes back to integrity, create content that people are actively searching for, and do it because you genuinely care about providing people with the information they are searching for.”

“SEO is just evolving,” the Internet marketing consultant Sherrie Chastain states, “and shifting into a much more highly targeted marketing structure.  When you provide your prospective market with quality content, in the forms that they want to consume it, you will be the winner by creating customer loyalty.  People today want compelling videos, factually researched information, intriguing design, low or no barriers to entry, and lots and lots of reviews and testimonials from people who have already interacted with your brand.”

Sherrie Chastain stresses that businesses need to develop their own unique brand, because today’s market has tied their shopping habits to brand and brand loyalty.  “The Internet affords any size business to create a brand, and compete on a worldwide level.  This type of opportunity has never before in history been available to the average business owner, in the way that it is today,” Sherrie reports, and continues saying, “most of the tools a business owner needs to be successful on the Internet are offered free by Google.  Others are very low cost compared to alternate types of marketing that local business typically use, which include local newspapers and display ads in the yellow pages.”