Filling The Speaker Repair Void in the World

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( — June 5, 2013) Tampa. FL — There was clearly a shift in the speakers business as Satin describes the industry when they first got into the business being an age of  “Golden Audio” with American manufacturers and others leaving and setting up shops in Asia.  With this exodus of the industry as with many things, it left a void and an opportunity to satisfy the demand for speaker repair. 

Satin has always had an affinity for fixing things that stemmed from his fascination with cars and motorcycles.  Hobbies that he gravitated towards were repairing and taking apart autos and motorcycles, which are highly complex.  No wonder that with stereo speakers being in  every household, and his handy passion, this need for a fixer of speakers was born. 

The migration to Asia and other overseas destinations played right into The Speaker Exchange’s ideology of satisfying a huge universe of demand,  Shipping and packaging logistics necessitated a company that could offer expedient turnarounds and less costly charges.  With the internet access nowadays, The Speaker Exchange actually does over 50% of their business internationally as a result of their reputation for efficiency and vast knowledge of different speakers from different manufacturers.

Satin and his wife Cathy, run the family owned business where their shop looks like a huge collection of every part and component incorporated in speakers.  They clearly have found the proper recipe for catering to different manufacturers where the industry is filled with different styles.  In conjunction with the internet access to information, Satin and his team resource speaker information as well in order to learn and administer repairs to types unfamiliar to their eyes.     

Speakers are fundamentally the same, however there are always nuances that can be tricky and require a more “custom” approach which The Speaker Exchange handles quite well.  For more information regarding repairing speakers and how to ship them to get fixed, contact    The Speaker Exchange

8217 N Nebraska Ave     Tampa, FL 33604   (813) 237-4800

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