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( — June 5, 2013) Houston, TX — Countless Newsblaze readers enjoy Frosty Wooldridge’s precise reporting on immigration, environment and the state of the planet from the viewpoint of a six continent world bicycle traveler. Wooldridge aims his razor-sharp quill towards Australia’s, Europe’s, America’s and Canada’s accelerating population predicaments.  As populations rise, environmental consequences follow with aberrant weather patterns, water shortages, food exhaustion, human suffering and global breakdown.  He writes with the eye of a man who has traveled into overpopulated civilizations around the planet.

Wooldridge combines his math-science teaching career, work as a journalist in Antarctica with the National Science Foundation and endless research work for his books on human overpopulation. He adds his keen eye to the “exponential growth equation” engulfing much of humanity—to bring readers greater understanding on what actions they can and must take in order to help change our species’ current collision course with its own numbers.

Along the way, he doesn’t mind ruffling a few feathers of those who push for endless growth in first world countries which means that developing countries must give up their resources, cheap labor and endless poverty—to satiate material malfeasance around the world.

In the next two months, June, July of 2013, Wooldridge, 66, will pedal his bicycle for a ninth time across the enormous distances of America. On this adventure, he expects to pedal America’s Continental Divide from Juarez, Mexico to the Canadian border, 2,550 miles, 150,000 vertical feet of climbing and 10 crossings from 3,000 feet to 12,000 feet. Along the way, he will photograph scenic beauty and write about it. Additionally he will interview Americans and visitors from around the world to obtain their sense of events in the world.

Wooldridge may be considered a bicycling Galileo of the 21st century whereby he attempts to alert the public to humanity’s population dilemma. He has been published in major newspapers in America, Canada, Sweden, etc. He speaks at colleges, high schools, on radio and major TV networks.  He’s currently attempting to secure funding for:

Australia Push-Bike Touring Project 2014: The Greatest Push-Bike Ride in Australia to bring attention to Australia’s overpopulation predicament, to become the news, to engage environmental, push-bike clubs to ride with us, civic clubs, high schools and other organizations, to the crisis of Australia being overpopulated into an unsustainable civilization. You may find much of his work on the Frosty Wooldridge profile page.

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