How a Painter Can Bankrupt You if Not Careful

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(—June 5, 2013) Wesley Chapel—The painting of a house involves a lot of factors that must be taken into consideration.  E&R Quality Painting explains why these factors can be extremely dangerous financially for a homeowner if they do not ask for the proper credentials.  Personal injury situations and liability can be a serious problems if your painter is not bonded and insured.  A homeowner should ask to see the painter’s license and proper certification and take a scan or picture of these documents before retaining or hiring the painting company.

Ernie Rodriguez, principal of E&R  Quality Painting describes how many companies do not have such protection and how this can hurt the homeowner in the event there is an accident by one of the employees.  Additionally, the premises need to be protect in the event there is any damage that is done by the workers through the painting job.  Ladders are always challenging and pose to be a potential dangerous situation.  Climbing up and down with buckets of heavy paint and other materials makes for an accidental situation that can easily occur. 

If a painting company is not bonded and there is no Worker’s Compensation, the worker can turn around and sue the homeowner.  Hardly sounds fair however big pockets seem to be the target of all lawsuits where there money involved. This leads to another major point that Rodriguez describes which is his full time employees versus using 1099 contracted employees.   As W-2 employees which is the only type that Rodriguez hires, he is required as a business owner to provide worker’s compensation as an employer whereas with 1099’s, there is no such requirement.  Everyone there is rather a sub-contracted worker.   For more information about hiring a painter properly and ensuring the pre-requisite credentials, contact E&R Quality Painting at 31112 Chatterly Dr   Wesley Chapel, Fl    33543

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